Whilst the origins of this day are debated and shrouded in mystery, Valentine’s Day is often thought of as the most romantic day of the year.

A day to celebrate the love that you share with your sweetheart, anonymously share gifts with crushes and those we admire from afar, casting love spells and practising fertility rituals.


True love starts with ourselves

This year we wanted to focus a little bit on self care. Filling up ourselves with love. Whilst it’s nice to do things for those that we love, we can’t pour from an empty vessel.

Below we have added some self love rituals for you. Allow yourself to take some time out and be kind to yourself. Recharge and fill yourself up with love. Of course, if you would prefer to do these rituals with your sweetheart or friends, then do. It’s always nice to share the love and after all, love makes the world go round!


Rose Quartz Crystal Bath

Rose Quartz is a beautiful and gentle pink stone for unconditional love (for others and ourselves) releases our hearts of negative emotions and can help to attract romance and new love.

One of my favourite rituals is to have a bath filled with pieces of rose quartz and my favourite aromas.

Simply place some pieces of Rose Quartz crystal into your bath (or any other crystals you desire, clear quartz is also nice) and run your bath, allowing the crystals to be fully immersed into your water. Depending on the size of your crystals you may choose to remove them before you get in.

Next you can add some fresh rose petals and uplifting essential oils. My personal favourites are Geranium, Orange and Rose.

If you don’t have a bath, place some rose quartz into your shower. Carefully add some drops of essential oil to your shower (not too much as it may get a little slippy) and breathe in the sweet aroma of love.


Eat heart warming foods

Eating or creating a delicious smoothie with lush leafy green foods such as Kale and Spinach or a creamy avocado can help to feed and balance our heart chakras.

Herbs such as Cinnamon warms us up from the inside out and lavender can assist in opening up our heart chakras which helps us to be open to receiving the love we have around us.

Love and chocolate come hand in hand. Dark chocolate is one of the most nourishing and healing foods for our hearts. The rich taste helps stimulates our senses and helps with the production of endorphins – our happiness hormone. Sweet berries dusted in cocoa powder or dipped in dark chocolate are a deliciously loving treat.


Fill your space with love

If you ever feel in need of a of a loving boost, buy yourself some beautiful flowers. This is a perfect and simple way to brighten up and fill any room with loving energy.

Flowers such as Roses, Lilies and Freesias give off a gorgeous and delicate scent. Or if you desire a more long term fix, you could invest in a Jasmine plant. There are varieties of Jasmine that are happy growing inside and give off a lovely scent that becomes more prominent at night.

Of course, these rituals aren’t limited just to Valentine’s Day. Practise these self love rituals as and when, and as often as you like.

Happy Valentine’s Day from us all at The Wild Unicorns Club