I started this part of my journey in 2015, after coming out of a difficult relationship and tried healing myself. But this time, not with excessive drinking and partying, like I had in the past. This time I was going to shed and release the past and what no longer served me.

I threw all my energy into healing myself; I found a crystal healer that gave me a very intense but magical experience. I started going to a meditation group that I found on Meetup which lead me onto a number of other events. I signed up to and tried every event that I was drawn to or that jumped out at me.

I went to healing sessions and circles, numerous gong baths, and crystal bowl ringing meditations. I was experiencing all sorts of things I hadn’t experienced before. I was finally getting in touch with who I was.

Things got really interesting, when I was gifted a ticket for the Spirited Urban Retreat London with Rebecca Campbell & Robyn Silverton by the lovely Helen Morris. I was exposed to a whole new world of like-minded energies and an amazing book called Light is the New Black. I knew nothing about Rebecca or Robyn. I had been so busy with work that I hadn’t had a chance to research them or even know Rebecca had written an incredible book.

I was essentially gifted a safe environment to open up, learn about myself and openly express myself. I learnt how to really listen to my inner voice and the messages it was trying to communicate to me. I met some really amazing people and at the end of the day I bought the book. I started reading it on the journey home and couldn’t put it down. As of a result of reading the book for the first time in my life I started asking myself for advice and truly trusting myself.

Fast Forward a little bit to 1st January 2016…
Every New Year’s Day I give myself a resolution. In 2015 my resolution was to have more fun (and I certainly did, as tough as that year was for me and pretty much everyone I have spoken to I definitely had a lot of fun!) In 2016 I decided that I had to listen to my gut. I had to start trusting myself more. I had spent so much of my life doing what people were telling me to do and what I thought was right. I got so caught up in asking for advice and listening to other people’s opinions I completely lost touch with who I was, what inspired me and what made me who I am. I was so unhappy with who I was that I didn’t feel like I was accepted or belonged anywhere.

One cold January evening, an evening filled with tears, laughter, so much love and lots and lots of vinyl’s, I made a video for my Instagram of Dolly Parton’s ‘Love is Like a Butterfly’ (such a delicate and beautiful song) Searching my brain for fun hashtags the words ‘Wild Unicorns Club’ came into my head. I wasn’t really sure what it meant but the words resonated with me. They made me feel alive and inspired. I remember how magical that moment felt. No Instagram account existed, there was no wildunicornsclub.com. That evening The Wild Unicorns Club was born. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I knew it lit up a fire inside of me and I had to trust that it would flow into something magical.

I brainstormed to try and get some ideas rolling- I knew I wanted to create something to bring people together but I wasn’t exactly sure how, I just trusted it was the right thing to do and it would eventually come to life and evolve into something wonderful!

After countless hours of meditations, chanting, brain dumping sessions, coffee catch ups and little random outbursts, I came up with the concept we have here today. A place for like-minded energies to come together to help you on your journey to seek, heal and inspire.

A few months further into the year I was starting to feel a bit lost in my day to day life. I had a great job, I was a PA in a Customer Science company. My boss was a great person to work for, my manager was lovely and the company itself was a lot of fun. I had so many amazing friends there. I could truly be myself. Working there gave me a loving and safe environment for me to grow as a person and really be myself. But it just wasn’t feeding my soul anymore. Every day I woke up and felt like there was something else I was meant to be doing. I repressed it and buried it inside and went into denial for a few months, putting it down to the change in seasons blaming winter. Then spring came. I Was turning 30 in June and the closer that got the more and more I was thinking about what was and wasn’t serving me in my life. Eventually I couldn’t fight it anymore and finally faced up to the truth and handed my notice a month after I turned 30. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do. The company I worked for was like a second family to me. The friends I made there are some of the most special and inspiring people I have ever met but it was time for me to move forward onto the next part of my life. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done but I had to trust it was the right thing to do.

I am now, (mostly) at peace with my past as I do think there will always be things that take longer to surface, I don’t regret a thing about my journey, I truly believe I have learnt from it. Because now I know exactly what I don’t want and all the things that I find draining and don’t fulfil who I am and make me sparkle. I have been really lucky with all the experiences life has thrown at me and I am truly thankful for the journey I have been on. I have been surrounded by wonderful, loving people and as I have got older I have become a little choosier on who I spend my time with. I am truly surrounded by amazing people who accept me for who I really am .

None of us fit the norm, and a lot of us hide who we truly are, I think it’s important to search within yourself and listen to that little voice that we have inside us all. I want to thank those that helped me on my journey. I am so grateful for the influence and the things I have learnt. And now, I share this with you – A place for like-minded people to get together, share their experiences, help each other to heal, search inside, really find yourself and show the world who you truly are!