September 2020 is truly a magical month. We started the month off in organised and grounded Virgo season, with had the Harvest Full Moon and Mars is currently retrograde. This week we experience the incredible energy of the Virgo Super New Moon and next week we see the change in seasons as we move into Autumn, celebrating Mabon, the Autumn Equinox. 

This month feels like the perfect time to take a moment to step back and reflect on our journey so far throughout 2020.



Mabon– The Autumn Equinox is celebrated on 22nd September and it is the second harvest of the year.

The Equinox is when the day and the night are in perfect balance. This is the time of the second harvest of the year and it also coincides with the start of Libra season. An Air sign where the focus is on harmony, balance and beauty.

If we think about the symbolism of the harvest – the idea of gathering what we have grown and nurtured throughout the year, we can take a moment to explore how this currently applies to our life.

– What have you been nurturing and putting your energy into growing this year?

– What lessons have been learnt this year?

2020 has been incredibly trying and testing for the majority of us. Our priorities have shifted and many of us have found our purpose changing massively. Our previous priorities of more material based things have been massively diluted and the focus has shifted very much close to home, the focus is on our wellbeing and our health.

Spring- a time when we normally find ourselves going out into nature connecting with the energy of rebirth and joy became quite the opposite. It was almost like a winter, a time when we had no choice but to go inwards, surrender to the darkness and reflect.

Whilst it does feel like the energy has changed and could possibly be perceived as now feeling a bit lighter, we still find ourselves living in incredibly uncertain times. So it’s useful to explore and work with crystals that assist us with grounding and inner balance and stability.



This month at The Wild Unicorns Club we have been working with and exploring the energy of the Pyrite Crystal.

Pyrite, also known as Fools Gold, is a crystal that is commonly found throughout the world, often sourced from Peru. Its name comes from the Greek word for fire – pyr, as when it is struck by metal sparks are created.

Pyrite is a crystal that connects to our Solar Plexus (our main energy centre and where our personal power sits)

When we connect the vibrant yellow, the colour of our Solar Plexus and the powerful golden shimmers of Pyrite we can connect to the fire properties of this crystal and activate the fire within ourselves.

Pyrite assists us with reclaiming and stepping into our power.

When we work with this crystal, it lights us up and we are reminded that we are Divine Beings of the Universe with the ability to create our own realities and be anything that we desire.  It reminds us that no matter what, we always have the ability to choose. We are the creators.

Every moment of every day it is up to us to make a choice – do we surrender and give in to a mindset of lack and fear? Or do we choose to activate that inner power, rise up and surrender to love?

Here is a meditation you can used to work with Pyrite to to create balance in your energy centre.

Place a piece of Pyrite onto your Solar Plexus (the centre of your stomach just above your belly button) and take some deep soothing breaths. Take a few moments to visualise a bright yellow glow of energy, as you breathe, visualise this glow becoming brighter and brighter. Now begin to visualise gentle golden swirls of shimmering sparkling energy, activating the energy from your piece of Pyrite. You can use affirmations such as

I am strong

I am powerful

I love and accept myself

I create my reality

I can achieve anything that I desire

I am worthy and deserving of love.

Pyrite is an excellent tool to work with to manifest abundance and prosperity. Whenever you find yourself in a lack mentality or wanting to call in and connect to the energy of abundance and prosperity you can invite the golden abundant energy of Pyrite to align you with that magical vibration.

  • Begin with gratitude

Start by bringing your awareness to everything that you already have in your life. Make a list of at least 10 things that you’re thankful for.

  • Think about what abundance means to you

What it is you want to call in and align yourself with? An abundance of love, health or wealth? Perhaps it’s all three!

Sit somewhere quietly and whilst holding your piece of Pyrite, visualise golden energy gently flowing down from the universe onto the top of your head, being absorbed into your body and filling you up with the golden energy of abundance. Connect to what it is that you want to call in and connect to the emotions of what it would feel like have these things in your life? If it’s an abundance of health for example, you can visualise yourself walking around care free with a huge smile on your face!

These are just some examples of what you can do with this incredible crystal. As with all crystal work, these suggestions are just a guide. Be sure to take time to connect with your crystal and explore other ways that it can enhance your life. Gold is a colour we can work with for protection, so keep a piece of Pyrite in your pocket to keep away unwanted energies. Or explore the deep earth energy Pyrite has to keep you grounded on your journey. The options are endless!

I am a powerful being

I am strong

I am capable of creating whatever I want.

I am worthy of everything that I desire.

Love and Light,

Charlotte x