Last week we celebrated the Summer Solstice and Midsummer in the Northern Hemisphere. As
we move into summer I wanted to reflect on the past six months.

The end of last year was the first year I found myself following nature and honouring the seasons. It was the first winter I went inwards and focussed more on rest; surrendering to the shorter days and embracing the darkness instead of fearing it, like I have done for most of my life.

As the trees shed their leaves I too decided to focus on shedding and releasing – letting go of the parts of my life that no longer served me. As the space around me moved into spring, with animals slowly awaking from their slumber, I too felt as though I was starting to wake up.

I found myself planting and nurturing seeds of knowledge, being curious and igniting my inner courage to explore and grow more as a person. I made some small life changes to help me take advantage of the longer and brighter days. I spent a bit more time connecting to nature, being still and patient. I honestly feel that as the space around me started to blossom and bloom, I did too inside of me.

Moving into Summer

Now summer is upon us. The season to grow taller and be bolder. Trees and flowers become fuller – their scents a little sweeter. We are at our peak to flourish and bloom. At this current moment it feels like so many people, myself included, feel as though they’re being forced to confront some of the challenges they have faced in the past 6 months and in some cases, ones that go back even further. Firstly, we should look to the theory that life is a journey made up of lessons to learn from and experiences to help us grow as people. We can then go on to examine where we are seasonally and surrender to the idea that we should be mirroring nature; that our unfinished business and lessons concealed within those tough experiences are quite literally being thrown at us so that we are forced to work out what purpose those experiences have, the lessons we need to learn from them, and the knowledge that we need to take into the next few months.

This is not an easy task – far from it. Revisiting and reliving the past can be very tough but at this present moment it feels as though we have learnt what we need for this specific part of where we are right now and we are very much in a phase of ‘doing’ .


Take a few moments in a place that you won’t be disturbed and ask yourself these questions:

What big things have happened in your life since December, or the past year?

What were the things you struggled with and why?

What has this experience taught you, what new lessons have you learnt?

Which of these new lessons are you now ready to put into practise?

What can you release?

With a different mindset towards these difficult experiences, what am I thankful for, for having gone through the experience?

Remember that no matter how hard these experiences were, you have you gone on to survive and this experience has contributed to shaping and making up who you are. Think about how it has made you stronger and how have you risen up from this.