Last week I was catching up with my friend and fellow crystal lover and channeller Olga Star and we were discussing Mercury Retrograde and the Retrograde Shadow period.

Mercury Retrograde is a term that you may have heard a lot or perhaps not at all. The perception is that during Mercury Retrograde (which is roughly a three week period) Mercury moves backwards and some believe that it slows down and is still.

Mercury became retrograde on 26th July and goes direct again on 19th August but for around 2 -3 weeks pre and post Retro period we start to feel subtle effects (Pre Mercury Retrograde Shadow period was from 7th July and we will experience the Post Mercury Retrograde shadow period 20th August to around 2nd September.)

Mercury Retrograde is something that occurs 3 times a year and can be a period that people often dread and fear. You can allow it to heavily effect you or you can work with it and the results can be extremely beneficial. Being a Gemini I am ruled by Mercury (as is Virgo) so I’d like to share some of my tips that I have found helpful for me over the years and a crystal guide.

A great place to start is to begin by honouring Mercury’s activity and to be still, you don’t have to stop everything all together but incorporating more stillness during this period can be a wise option.

Mercury rules travel, communication and technology. Some people advise not signing contracts or starting anything new during this period. I don’t believe that we should halt everything all together, or give it too much power but I think it’s definitely a period where we should be more open than usual to adapting and definitely carry a little extra patience and compassion with people and situations around us. Do spend a some extra time going through and rereading documents and contracts and be open to delays when it comes to travel or signing new deals and agreements.

The word retrograde is defined as: directed or moving backwards, revert to an earlier or inferior condition.

It’s interesting to look at this period from this perspective as you may find unfinished business or lessons from the past resurfacing or find yourself being faced with things that it really is time to let go of.

One of the best tips I have been given is to focus on words that start with RE during this period – realign, renew, restructure, relax, reflect, restore.

Take some time out for yourself, have a spa day or book a massage! You may wish to focus your awareness to any much needed lifestyle changes, as It’s a great period to look at ways to restructure areas of your life or perhaps reorganise the space around you.

Make peace and allow yourself to let go of past experiences that you may still be carrying around with you or allowing to weigh you down / get in your way.

Extra meditation is definitely something that helps me during this period, and I always love to incorporate my crystals with meditation as often as possible  Below are some crystals I have been drawn to that you may find useful to work with during this period. Please only use this just as your starting point, if you feel drawn to other crystals and if these ones don’t resonate with you or you have trouble connecting to them, allow yourself to be guided to the ones that do.

Blue Lace Agate is a crystal that is connected to Mercury. It carries a peaceful and soft vibration, almost Faerie like. The piece I have and work with makes me think of soft butterfly wings gently floating around my head. This crystal promotes inner peace so it is the perfect crystal to sit and connect to when we’re feeling overwhelmed and in the thick of a Mercury Retro period.

Clear Quartz is one of my favourite crystals. Bringing clarity and crystal clear thinking whenever we meditate with it and connect to it. Clear Quartz baths are particularly healing due to the ability this crystal has to work with our inner balance, great for chakra aligning and energy realignment, clearing and releasing what no longer serves us.

Lapis Lazuli enhances and can work with the throat chakra. Encouraging us to be courageous with our words and enhance and assist with our communication skills. The gold threads that run through also enhance our personal power, promote protection and connect us to and gain balance in our energy centre, The Solar Plexus.

Some of us may find ourselves becoming a little ungrounded, so grounding crystals are beneficial at this time. Smokey Quartz is a personal favourite and Hematite is perfect. Both crystals can work with our Root and Earth Star Chakra. Hematite rings are popular and fairly easy to find.

Perhaps due to its metallic colouring, Hematite reminds me of armour or a beautiful protective shield. It is a crystal that when programmed to, can fill us up with strength and is amazing for cleansing the blood and any toxins from the body.

Remember to cleanse darker crystals more regularly (sunshine, meditation or with incense/ smudging/ smoke)

Thanks so much for reading and if you have any questions or would like to share your Mercury Retrograde experiences, please comment below or get in touch!


Charlotte xxx