On 21st June we will be celebrating the Summer Solstice (also known as Litha) in the Northern Hemisphere. Each year the date varies between 20th – 22nd June.

The word solstice comes from the Latin words Sol Sistere which translates to ‘sun stand still.’ It is the longest day of the year and this is the point summer is celebrated as despite still having our warmest months ahead, after this day the days grow slightly shorter as we move closer to winter.


The Summer Solstice is the most powerful day of the year for the Sun Gods and due to this, many Summer Solstice rituals will incorporate fire.

People create bonfires and gather around them with their friends, families and loved ones. Fire is a powerful tool for driving out evil spirits as well as cleansing away old energy. It is also used to send power and strength to the sun.

Herbs such as lavender and St John’s Wort are also incorporated into rituals. We can burn herbs as an offering, for giving thanks and for clearing our spaces of negative energy.

If you aren’t near to or able to create a bonfire you could gather a small bundle of herbs and carefully light them outside in a fireproof dish or container or burn some in an incense burner.

Morning Dew

Summer Solstice morning dew has magical properties. First thing in the morning, as close to dawn as possible bathe your face in this sweet morning dew. It is said to promote beauty, have anti-aging properties and assist with retaining youth.

Spend time in nature

Try to spend sometime outside connecting to nature. If you can find an oak tree take a moment to sit beneath it for a little while. The mighty Oak tree is a symbol of the Summer Solstice and a strong protector. It is associated with creativity and fertility. Acorns are great luck charms and can assist with attracting love. Bathing in a bath filled with some fallen oak leaves can aid in drawing in abundance and prosperity.

Incorporate Crystals

We can incorporate crystals with any of our rituals. For the Summer Solstice in particular, Citrine is a excellent crystal for manifestation. Deep orange Carnelian can be used to assist with creativity and aid in connecting us to our inner courage. Both crystals are perfect to help us connect to the sun’s energy during this fire festival.

The Summer Solstice is also a powerful day for love, with many choosing this day for hand fasting and marriage ceremonies. If you are working on bringing more love into your life then Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal to use. Moonstone is an excellent fertility aid, and excellent for helping us connect to our inner goddess and feminine energies.

 Take some time to sit alone quietly (dawn will be the most potent time to do this but any point during the day will work just fine) and focus on filling and charging your cleansed crystal with your intentions, what you want to manifest and draw in. Whilst you do this visualise having these things already in your life. Really focus on envisioning how it feels to have your desires. Be sure to carry your crystals with you (you can work with more than one) and await for the magic to unfold. Remember to ensure that you are being open to your new journey that is about to unfold and open to receiving!

Solstice blessings x